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2015 IBSF Championships

On behalf of the IBSF Board of Directors and the Egyptian Federation of Billiards Sports, I have the pleasure of inviting you to send your players to participate in the 2015 IBSF World Snooker Championships (Women, Men, Masters & Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities).

The Championship will start on 10th November till 21st November 2015. Referees and players meeting will be on 9th November followed by the Opening Ceremony.


President: Mohammed Kammah    E-mail address:

Mobile phone: +20 12 22 11 11 92              Tel / Fax. no.:

Secretary: Rageh Hosny                                 Email address:

Mobile phone: +20 12 82 55 19 00              Tel / Fax. no.:      +20 2 25 78 18 84

Name & Address of the Association:           83 Ramses street, Cairo, Egypt.

Accommodation & Hotel rates

SUNRISE Grand Select Crystal Bay – HRG
Hotel Name Foreigners Rate
Per Single room $  105.00
Per Double  room $ 150.00
Per Triple  room $216.00
SUNRISE Select  Garden Beach & SENTIDO Mamlouk Palace –  HRG
Hotel Name Foreigners Rate
Per Single room $  90.00
Per Double  room $ 120.00
Per Triple  room $ 171.00

The above 3 hotels are connected to each other.

Prices are per room per night, inclusive of all applicable taxes.

Based on soft all inclusive accommodation

Referees accommodation & daily food Allowance

Referees accommodation will be supplied on a twin share basis for all International Referees on soft all-inclusive basis.

No allowances will be payable to any other officials, delegates or players.


Number of tables:                            20 in SUNRISE Grand Select Crystal Bay

Number of practice tables: 6 in SUNRISE Select Garden Beach

Make of tables:                  SHENDER

Cloth:                                 Strachan 6811 Tournament

Balls:                                  Aramith 1G

Scoring system:                 Electronic

Air Conditioning: Yes      Seating/number of spectators: 600

Type of floor covering:    Carpet


Name of nearest international airport: Hurghada international airport


Men championship                                                       US$ 16,000

Women championship                                                  US$ 8,000

Masters championship                                                  US$ 8,000

Athletes with Intellectual Disabilities                        US$ 8,000


Visas are required by many countries; please check with the Egyptian embassy in your country.

Drug Testing:

Players may be subjected to Drug Testing in accordance with the WCBS Drugs in Sport Policy.


Local currency is Egyptian pound.