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Coaching Camp at the Ivy Rooms 2012

The Ivy Rooms was the venue for the second Coaching camp to be run by Dan Carroll between Monday 9th to Thursday 12th July 2012. Six students were in attendance five from Carlow and one from Kilkenny. Each day began with a brief talk on the game and again emphasis on match fitness and importance of the mind game. Day 1 saw each student go through an assessment with both photo and video analysis and with the information supplied it was then down to making the necessary changes to enable each student to improve and enjoy the sport more. I have devised 147 routines that slowly progresses the student from beginner to top amateur/professional standard. The first group of routines go from Red to Black certs with 10 routines in each giving a total of 70 to complete in order for the player to move onto the Intermediate standard which again is made up of 49 routines, Red to Black with 7 routines in each. Then the remainder are advanced routines in order to gain the top amateur/professional standard. We concentrated on beginner routines throughout the camp and each student was giving a certificate that reflected their standard at this time. Days 2 and 3 saw all the players doing various routines concentrating on their changes that they had to make and though sometimes its very difficult to change bad habits they all done really well. The stance mat was a great success for those who had to use it. Day 4 was mini competition day with a six red knockout and we finished off with the presentation of camp medals and the certificates. Thanks to all the players for taking part and to Marian and staff of the Ivy Rooms for excellent facilities. I have been coaching over 20 years within the Griffith Club and the Dublin Snooker Federation and along the way I received some excellent tuition and advice from various people along the way. In 2003 I was on the first Coaching assistant course held in the Dolmen Hotel in Carlow run by RIBSA and then last year I had the opportunity to complete the level 1 in Coaching. Tommy Goulding or Mr Wiggle Waggle as he was affectionately known was a great help to me over the years but more recently I received excellent support and great tuition from PJ Nolan whom I want to thank very much for all his help and giving me the opportunity to improve through his instruction on the RIBSA courses.