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Doherty Wins Trim Open

Ken Doherty was in fantastic form in hitting eight century breaks to win the Annual Trim Snooker Open this week.

This year event was held in St Patricks Hall in Trim and featured a mixture of current Irish professional players and leading RIBSA amateurs players.

Colm Gilcreest organised the event again this year and thanked all the sponsors and players in making the event a great success

In total they were eleven century breaks made with Ken Doherty also winning the highest break with 135.



Joe Meara 4-2 Sammy Monaghan

Colm Gilcreest W/O TJ Dowling


Patrick Wallace 4-0 Jonathan Friel

Johnny Williams 4-3 David Hogan


Ken Doherty 4-0 John Sutton

Joe Delaney 2-4 Brendan O Donoghue


Joe Swail 4-2 Clinton Franey

David Morris 4-2 Martin McCrudden


Ken Doherty 4-0 Colm Gilcreest

Patrick Wallace 4-0 Johnny Williams

Joe Meara 4-3 Joe Swail

David Morris 4-3 Brendan O Donoghue

Semi Final

Ken Doherty 4-2 Patrick Wallace

David Morris 4-2 Joe Mera


Ken Doherty 5-2 David Morris