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Sharkx Coaching Camp 2-4 July

Sharkx snooker club was a hive of activity over a 3 day period with 9 students taking part in their first Coaching Camp to be held in the club since it opened its doors over a year ago. With all 5 snooker tables on the go from early morning into the late afternoon the participants were kept busy by the routines and mini competitions that were organised and introduced by Dan Carroll. Day 1 got under way with an assessment of all players and on completion of this Dan Carroll then picked on 3 areas of each player to concentrate on. A talk on Sport Psychology and the importance of basic fitness was given and was well received by the players as the modern game now requires. In the afternoon beginner and intermediate routines were set up and each player was given the chance to reach their goal according to their standard. Day 2 began with a talk on Hydration and Nutrition and the importance of feeling good and being match fit. The stance mat was introduced to some players and this really made a big difference to those who tried it. Routines concentrating on tactical play and safety were set up and again well received by the players. In the after noon we had mini competitions. During each day table 5 was the coaches table where everyone was given individual coaching and the 3 main areas of concern with each player was concentrated on. Day 3 started with a brief on all aspects of snooker then onto the tables with more routines while on the coaches table each player was assessed and were delighted in the changes that they made through the coaching and improvement in their own technique. In the afternoon more routines were introduced and at 3.30pm the presentation of certificates and course medals was held. The course itself covered all aspects of the game and introduced some new ideas and as long as people learn and have the proper tools and information to enhance their own game and therefore go on to improve and most importantly enjoy the sport then I will have done my job as a snooker coach. The course was so successful that I have already secured places for another that will be held in Sharkx from 23rd to 25th July next. A big thank you to all the students for taking part and helped me as a coach to improve my area of expertise. A special thanks to Berni